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The Wisdom of Trees

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

My first evening alone in Hawaii was a night to recharge and renew. I sat on the balcony taking in the dark pre-moonlight night listening to the water gently lap upon the shore. There is something magical when darkness surrounds you, as the other senses can take the lead. I took in a deep breath of gratitude and stretched my arms out in either direction when my left hand first met the tree. You see, I had been so occupied with discovering my new space; I somehow did not see the palm that also shared my balcony with me. The architect had carefully built the deck around the stem of the palm so it could enter through the floor and exit through a small circle in the roof. I marveled that I had missed this rather evident presence. Now curious, I placed my hand upon the trunk.

As I touched without sight my new companion, my hand opened like a child. My fingers traced along the palms rings feeling their bumpy cool texture finally resting my open hand upon the trunk. I became still. I was surprised to discover the palm was quite rhythmically moving, as it’s fronds above were lost in a dance with wind. I had missed so much being in my thoughts. I calmed my mind and simply listened.

“I am of land, water, and air. I hold onto and release into what comes my way. Above your calm, I am dancing, anticipating the moonlight night. Below you, I am the roots; embracing and holding onto this sweet place in time we share. My trunk is the bridge between these two places of dance and darkness. Within any moment, part of you is holding onto and allowing the other part to learn, grow, and reach for what you may never touch. No matter what your life asks of you, something is always steady and supporting. If you focus upon getting lost in the dance, anticipating the ferocity of what you cannot see, you will be afraid of change. Remember, we are always surrounding your every moment like silent loving friends. Every instant has so much support. Cherish, enjoy, and get lost in what you cannot see, for there is always something alive in the darkness awaiting your touch, so it too can be reborn.”

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