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Celebrating A Decade of Your Soul

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Happy Last Day of 2019 and the 2010 decade! It is natural to look back and reflect. However, we can often be more critical than celebratory. To support an empowered remembrance, I have created some fun suggestions to help you gratefully frame the last ten years and honor what happened along the way. To do so, we are going to use your photos.

Our digital photographs are organized by years, people, and places. The following ideas allow you to celebrate not only your journey but the people who contributed to your becoming.

Forgotten Heroes

As you go through your photos, you are apt to find some people who have contributed to the memories of the last ten years who you are less or no longer in touch with. When you find such a photo with a soul who had a positive impact upon you, contact them. You can call them and simply thank them. You can snail mail, email or text attaching the photo and a small sentiment that captures your gratitude. Celebrate how they impacted your soul, share a memory and/or what you most admire about them. Even if the person is no longer in your life, they contributed at that moment to your soul. Honor them.

Statues & Congratulations

When I was in junior high school, we had awards we gave to people in our class. They ranged from best smile or personality to class flirt. Pick the top five or ten people in your life who you could not live without and write down what qualities are their standouts. Go through your photos and find one that captures that very quality. Create an award for them. Whether you cut and paste their head upon a statuette or create a certificate, find a way to thank them for that unique value that shines into your life.

Departed Souls

Within ten years, we will also know people and pets who have departed the physical world. Find an iconic picture of them and place it in an area of your office or home. Take a moment and thank them for who they were and how they influenced your soul.

Honoring Your Becoming

Most importantly, take time to honor you! You have emerged, transformed, overcome, catapulted, and grown into the newest version of your soul. As you go through the last ten years, what photographs capture the seasons of your soul? Allow yourself to honor your becoming and celebrate who you have been and who you are now.

Here are some spiritunities (spiritual opportunities) to reflect upon:

What did I learn the most?

What fear did I transform?

What was my most creative moment?

What is the most iconic picture of the last decade?

What moment captures me at my best?

What made me most proud?

What photos show me in love? With my family? In my joy? Loving the moment? Loving others?

Please feel free to share any of these photos on my Facebook page to begin the New Year. Start this new decade being solidly in love with you. You are a perfect distillation of spirit and your joy, creativity, and soul graces all of us. Be bold, be authentic, and most of all, let the miracle of you shine.

Happy happy last decade! May 2020 be a tremendous beginning of the next decade of your life!

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