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Spiritunity Word of Summer: Intention

I have been blessed these last few months to travel and promote my book, Soul Conversations. I have met new people and seen unique places all from following my passion to be of service. Any creation begins with an idea. These invisible possibilities we create can contribute greatly to this world.

Therefore, I thought we might focus this summer on nurturing those parts of you that long to contribute to the greater good.

What do you desire to gift this world with? What contribution are you called to continue to nurture or begin?

To navigate within the physical world, we use a GPS that plots a route between where we are and where we wish to go. Similarly, to navigate the nonphysical world, we set an intention: a desire or vision that maps a potential desired destiny. When we set an intention, we exercise our free will to co-create our life. Intentions are created when we have the courage to acknowledge our dreams and desires, and envision ourselves allowing their manifestation. It is important to know that your personal atmosphere is greatly affected by the quality of your thoughts. Therefore, intentions can be a great tool to fill the space of your soul with ideas and thoughts that support your desires and how you wish your life to feel. Intentions are strongest when they are cocooned with the excitement of their becoming and manifestation.

The most empowered intentions have five parts: forming, feeling, planting, thanking, and detaching.

Step One: Forming

Begin by forming your intention. Ask yourself what it is you wish to manifest or create. Visioning this way, you are creating a potential destiny line for your soul, so be specific, optimistic, and clear. To energize your intention, begin with the statement, “I am”: “I am listening from my heart,” or “I am clearly communicating my needs.” Now your intention is activated and rooted in the now of your being.

Step Two: Feeling

Next imagine what it will feel like when your intention manifests. To do this, close your eyes and state your intention. Imagine your hope or desire as if you are living them now. What would it be like to have that intention manifest? Can you capture the excitement with your soul senses? How do you feel? What do you see? What do you smell? What can you taste, touch, and know at that moment? Root the feeling of the intention within your soul.

Step Three: Planting

Now that you formed your intention, let's root it in your soul seat. Your soul seat is where you feel the central location of your being resides inside of you. Once you locate that space, drop into that space as if you are stepping some place into nature. Observe how that natural space reflects the beauty of your desire. Imagine walking into that space carrying your intention. How does the energy of your desire illuminate and change the landscape of your soul space?

Imagine your desire is a seed and plant it within your soul seat. Watch it take root.

Step Four: Thanking

All ideas created upon this earth are co-created. We are the vessel through which manifestation happens. Therefore, we must allow our soul to connect with the very source from which we are inspired. Return your attention to the planting place within your soul space and imagine your gratitude as rain that waters the ground surrounding your desires. Nurture the seedling with the purity of spirit. Thank the universe for bringing to your soul exactly what is best for you.

Step Five: Detaching

At this point, you have formed your intention, felt its empowerment, planted it, and expressed gratitude for its manifestation. The last step is to detach from any expectations regarding your intention, knowing that you have created a perfect energetic pathway for the most desired result to manifest. Imagine your vision in front of you, as if floating in the air. Once it is created, surround it in a ball of golden white light. Imagine that sacred space lifting your intention, like a balloon, into the atmosphere of your soul space and watch it disappear. As it does, know that the outcome will be the best for everyone involved. The universe always has the best outcome available to us. By detaching from our vision, we simply allow an even better outcome to manifest.

Intentions can be a way of spiritually framing your day. You can experiment for a day with setting intentions and notice what subtle changes occur. Try taking a moment before all of your activities to vision what you wish to happen or how you wish to be within each experience. Let’s say you are working on a project; you could say, “I am grateful for the clear, creative, and visionary ideas that inspire my work. I listen to my inner wisdom knowing I am spirit driven.” If you are spending time with a loved one, you might say, “I am fully present and heart- centered in all my relationships.” In this way, intentions can be a great mindfulness practice for journeying consciously toward your soul’s evolution within your relationships, work, and in any goals you wish to accomplish.

Most of all, remember you are a gift. You are needed, your loved, and you are here to grace us with your magic.

Thank you for being.

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