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Soul-Centered Retrograde

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

We are in the midst of Mercury in Retrograde (MIR), November 16-December 6.   Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, intellect and awareness. Mercury goes into retrograde three times per year and always visits in the same element throughout the year.  In 2018, our fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are hosting.  Although many tend to emphasize the negative aspects of MIR such as delays, miscommunication, and technical difficulties.  However, I wish to accentuate the opportunities of our mercurial friend. MIR helps you notice patterns so you can make more conscious and empowered choices to respect yourself and others, as well as notice where you have grown.

These considerations might help get the most out of this time.

1.  What patterns are showing up during MIR in your relationships, work, and family life that are asking for evolution or nurturing? Are you taking responsibility for your actions?  What is being revealed that needs to transform or do you need to notice you are responding in a more soul-centered manner?

2.  Where are you having communication challenges?  Are you in integrity?  Have you communicated exactly how you feel and made efforts to best the situation or are you gossiping and creating more resistance?  How can you be more clear and respectful?  Are you listening from your heart?

3. How are you talking to yourself and your body?  The relationship with your mind and body is best when you are centered in your soul.  You are a miracle.  Reinforce that truth by loving all of your soul's landscape.

3.  What technical issues are you having?  Mercury will allow us to witness where we delay taking care of our needs.  What requires nurturing and time investment?

4.  Are you cancelling or running late for appointments? MIR often means cancellations and rescheduling.  How flexible can you be yourself and others?

It is a great time to revisit open issues.  You will find extra grace and love when you nurture open issues during MIR.  Since you co-create your experience, see this month as a gift to help empower your life, so it is rooted in your soul.

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