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January Spiritunity Word of the Month: Becoming

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Happy New Years and beginning of a very powerful and creative year. In addition to my work as a medium, my soul gardening focusing upon empowering you to find "spiritunities" or spiritual opportunities within your life. A spiritunity allows you a portal to focus your attention and feed where you are evolving.

The spiritunity word for January is "becoming." It honors our process of blooming, opening and evolving, celebrating the process of evolution. You may wish to state what is becoming in your life as a guiding energy for the year. Please feel free to share your becoming below.

Here are four tips to have be soul-centered in this process of becoming this year:

1. Honor your passion and your creativity in 2019

If your soul is here for its authentic path, we want you and we need you to follow what your passions are and follow where your creativity leads you. In that pursuit, you will absolutely discover the beauty of your soul and the rest of us benefit from that discovery.

Following my own passion and creativity, I gave birth to a book, "Soul Conversations." As a first time writer, I had to face my fears and look at what I believe. But because of following my creativity, I have such an authentic view of what I believe.

Take a moment right now to think of one thing that you're really passionate about that you haven't explored. One thing you've been thinking about, that you tell others about, and make a note of it. Write it down, send an email to yourself, create a note in your phone - allow yourself to step into a commitment that you are becoming passionate, you are becoming creative. It just might birth something magica.

2. Honor your health and wellness in 2019

Your soul comes into this physical form to inform this world. You are energy first and foremost, so your health and wellness is key. When we consider energy, we should always be in a form of movement. Energy doesn't stop, it doesn't get stuck. The finite self gets stuck. The truth of us is movement and activity. So when it comes to our physical health, you feel so much better when you getting moving and keep that energy flowing through your body.

Wellness is about care giving the spirit within your physical form. It's like basic energy medicine - it's noticing what's happening in your body and knowing that these things are happening not to you, but for you, to help you understand there's an imbalance in your soul. For example, your stomach aches could be drawing your attention towards the fact you are not communicating your emotions. Your throat being clogged up can be an indication of not speaking your truth. When you integrate the awareness of your body, you find that what happens is a gift to you. Engaging in what transpires in your life as a spiritual opportunity, or a spiritunity.

3. Honor your relationships in 2019

We're here to evolve. And this journey of becoming is not about the money, the car, the house, the clothes - it's about the relationships. The finite self and infinite self have two different opinions about relationships. Finite self is self-motivated - so it wants to be right and it wants be acknowledged. If we lead our relationships that way, we get looping - drawing in the same kind of person to you to learn from those relationships. Relationships that seem troublesome are opportunities for our soul to evolve. That instigator in your life currently is probably a bestie in the spirit world, teaching you something about yourself. Which is a tough idea to take, but a vitally important one.

I've talked to so many spirits in the spirit world, spirits who were famous and had boat loads of money. Yet not once have I ever had a soul come in and brag about the physical world and their cars. They don't even talk about it. They talk about their missed opportunities in relationships. I don't want you to wait until you're in the spirit world to come find someone like me to come make something better, do it better in your relationships now.

Your relationships aren't just about other people. Your relationship with self is vitally important in your journey of becoming. You are a distillation of spirit. You are perfection in action, in human form. Perfect human sounds contradictory but it's represents the duality of your soul. Love yourself, embrace yourself and listening to yourself like you would listen to a really great friend. If we keep waiting for other people to acknowledge us, we build up resentment because we wait for people to say thank you instead of teaching people how to treat us.

Your relationship to spirit is equally important. You have complete access to people in the spirit world. Their presence is constant and those relationship needs nurturing too.

4. Honor your service in 2019

The finite self seeks acknowledgement, that's where we're working out our insecurities. Two-legged people have diminished the original perfection of ourselves. Finite self doesn't quite understand it's perfect so it looks outside for confirmation of itself. Service is powerful because it's where you have the ability to shift from the need to be acknowledged to shift into a space where you can say "maybe I can help. Maybe I can do something for someone else today. Maybe I will thank somebody. Maybe I will look back at 2018 and look back at the 'oops' moments and apologize for them."

When you give back, when you serve, you're saying - we're all connected. The finite self thinks it's separate. The infinite self knows we're all in this together. Soul-centered living is when you allow that finite self to be an inner child that just needs affection. When you serve from your infinite self, you become addicted to service in a healthy way. You aren't disappointed from not being acknowledged, but rather going out into the world because there's a need that your soul can be the conduit for the spirit world, in order to lighten or brighten.

Here's to a new year of becoming your most soul-centered self, through your creative pursuits, your health, your relationships and your service.

Check out the Facebook live I conducted about this topic here.

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