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December SPIRITUNITY Word of the Month

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Happy December, everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm really amazed that it's already the end of 2018!

This month, when I'm seeing clients, I do find it is a hectic month for people. It makes sense - we have our social commitments, things to buy for people and so much more. So I felt the nicest gift I could offer people this month was to help create a focus point for you to feed your soul.

Years ago, I created the word "spiritunity," which is a spiritual opportunity. I utilize it within my own world when I feel like my soul needs nurturing or a spiritual uplift. A spiritunity allows you a portal to focus your attention and feed your soul.

The spiritunity word for December is "sacred." I happen to love the word. I find it is such a perfect soul word, because our soul is the part that understands the physical world, but equally the part of us that recognizes the spirit around us in everything. There are certain words that are gateways for your soul to remember the spiritual aspects of yourself. Sacred captures the feeling we have when something in our life happens and it's so incredible and breath taking that we want time to last a little bit longer. That's when you have a soul word. It's when you have an experience you can't quite capture in language.

So I thought for sure, the dictionary would be fantastic in describing sacred and the irony is, none of the definitions I could find match the feeling of it all, because it can be difficult to capture feeling in thought.

It does connect it to being a religious word, but that is more where it aligns to the etymology of the word, because it was associated with something holy. In modern day language, most of us use the word sacred to describe things that have great importance to us - may it be an object, person or experience.

My hope for this month is by taking sacred as the spiritunity word of the month, it'll allow you to honor these little moments that transpire in your life to relish in them just a little bit longer. You'll almost be looking for what is sacred in your life and you'll find you have more things in your life that are sacred as a result of it.

We'll be exploring the word sacred all month on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share your sacred experiences! I want to start a discourse on what spiritual words are and how we can activate them to have a more spiritual experience.

Hope this a delicious abundant month for you and you are overwhelmed with love, not only from the material world, but from the spirit world. Here's hoping you have a fantastic, sacred December!

Nurture the Sacred In Your Life

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