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Spiritual Play Dates

I love communicating with the Spirit world.  It is a passion unlike any other I have known.  I marvel at how the other side can use the memories and symbols of my experience to help me understand and then communicate on behalf of a loved one in Spirit.  It is truly magical and amazes me every time. Spirit will use signs and symbols to let someone know that they maintain a constant connection.  They miss us as much as we miss them and equally know when we are in need of love or encouragement.  I have been challenging the Spirit world to come up with more unusual or specific evidential signs and have been getting some very good results.  I recently spent some time with a friend of the family who had lost her husband.  Her grief was substantial, almost to the point where she seemed a diminished version of herself.  Unaware of my work,  I suggested that she might ask for signs that her husband was around.  I mentioned this, because he was with me as I was chatting with her.  I always defer to the Spirit, as they know their loved one best.  He did not want to unnerve her with my profession, so this was really his suggestion to ease her into the idea that he was around her.  He showed me a butterfly.  I agreed, but mentally asked him to make it really unique, so she could not rationalize the visual away.  He showed me a blue butterfly.  Never having really seen one in person, I appreciated his sense of adventure. After this "woo woo" conversation, my friend suggested getting some fresh air and taking her dog for a late afternoon San Francisco stroll.  We began walking down the street and the following banner waved up and down the street:

Not only was it all over the street we were on, but more importantly, it was on most streets in San Francisco!  It was as if he was saying "Wherever you are, I'll be with you."  The immediacy of the answered request was enough to illicit that look I witness with so many when they realized their prayers are really answered and maybe it's not so "woo woo" afterall. Our visit was Saturday.

What was unique about this experience was I became the recipient as well.  The next few days for me were equally magical.

At a street fair the next day...

The ceiling of a hotel later that week...

All in all, we are always connected to and with our loved ones.  Talk to them.  Initiate the conversation. Here is a simple way to connect with your loved ones.  Find a place and space that is quiet and makes you feel safe and loved.  Close your eyes and imagine the object that you want your Spiritual family to manifest.  Try to focus on details.  If you are not visual, then use whatever sense you have to create it.  After you have the object energetically created, imagine your loved ones standing on the other side of the object.  Mentally give them the challenge to manifest the object in as many forms as possible.  It is FUN for everyone.  Now the homework is your attention.  If you request a red hummingbird, then do not just look out your window.  Look everywhere: magazines, billboards, license plates, emails, Internet advertisements, TV commercials and movies...  If you think you get a kick out of miracles, imagine their joy when we actually invite them to energetically play in our lives and more importantly, notice. Please let me know what happens.  ;-) Have a great day. Love and Light, Austyn

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