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We can be as rich as we wish.  The Spirit world helps me find the true value in my life, so each month I will focus on a new topic to help bring their wisdom to our world.  This month the topic is friends, and I have come up with a few ways to nurture and honor this very important part of our lives.  Below are some suggestions for you to treasure this value in your life.

Unconditional Love:  Pick one friend in your life who is challenging.  Try to focus less on how they make you feel and more upon what do they need?  This simple shift can allow you to understand that these pals are often our greatest teachers.

Accountability: Where is the unfinished business in your friendship world? One person forgive? Someone you need to apologize to?  This is the number one topic f conversation from our loved ones in Spirit.  This moment right now is our lives, so choose be have a clean slate with everyone, including yourself. 

Gratitude: Shower the people you love with love. Find one friend or more and just let them know their value in your life.  Try to do something out of the ordinary, not texts or emails.  Here are some suggestions:  write letter and send it through snail mail, buy them flowers, sing or send them a song, give them a small gift certificate or coffee card, buy them a plant that grows to represent that they have LASTING value in your life. 

Nurturing: Is there a story you always tell about how someone in your past touched your life?  Find that person.  Call, write, facebook, find that past schoolmate, workmate, teacher, mentor, classmate, fellow traveler and let them know they made a difference in your life.  Celebrate someone else by letting them know they are important, wouldn't it be nice if someone did that for you? 

Expansion:  Spend a little time thinking about who you would like to have as a friend.  What qualities do you really need from a friend that you may or may not be receiving.  Are you a good friend to yourself?  Start a new friendship.  Say hello to that person you see all the time.  Risk it.  Connect.  It might just make their day.  ;-)

Here is hoping these suggestions help to increase your sense of support and love. Have a great day. ;-)

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