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Footprints of our Soul

My husband and I spend each New Year’s Day in our jammies on the couch filling out my New Years Resolution Sheet. This document started as a few innocent questions exploring the hows and whys of our year's choices, directions and our intentions. It covers everything: What did you do last year of which you are most proud? What did your partner accomplish that you wish to celebrate? What do you want to change?... You get the picture. It just seems to start the New Year with such clarity. We have additionally agreed to review this lengthy self-assessment every couple of months to stay on path. Path. Footprints. Hmmm…. After a very long nap, our collective unconscious is awakening to the memory that our actions have reactions. Everywhere there are questions about your path: carbon footprints, global footprints, or economic footprints, how much space are you requiring? Environmentally, we are encouraged to have a very small footprint, more like that of a baby. But what of our soul? Why not also tread lightly on our life path by being conscious and responsible to ourselves and others in order to contribute to global peace. The healing of our souls is part of our footprint. Continue to learn to love yourself and everyone in your life and, in the process, you will heal the world.

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July Mediumship Intensive

July 22, 2017

Join Spiritual Medium Austyn Wells for a day focused upon taking your Mediumship to the next level.  We will work on deepening your trust in the Spirit world through group and individual exercises, as well as meditation.  Get ready for an intensive day of practice, practice, practice.
$ 150

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