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Dancing with Resistance

I was on the East coast most of July. This trip I decided to see what if felt like to trust this world as much as I do the Spirit world. After all, my work is all about having no idea what is going to happen and free falling into the unknown. I decided to challenge myself to say “yes” when I wanted to say “no”, let myself be uncomfortable, and reach out to the other two leggers and see what happened. The man I sit next to on the plane to NY graduated from my college with the same major, knows people I know and is joining the faculty. We have everything in common and it is equally synchronistic, as I have requested an impromptu reunion with some dear college pals at the end of this trip who I have not seen since graduation. I travel to a seminar. I meet two ladies who become my sista’s and we are joined at the hip for the duration. When one finds out I am going to be in Manhattan staying in a hotel, she insists I stay at her family’s home near NYU. Normally, this would be a gesture I would deeply appreciate, but would immediately decline. “Yes, that would be great” falls out of my mouth before I can hesitate. When I arrive in Manhattan at my new pal’s home, I am floored. It is ON Washington Square. It is stunning, with vaulted ceilings, chic design, and through the open windows floats the clarinet standards from the square. A synchronistic hour of songs waft into the open windows; clearly a Heavenly playlist. Upstate New York: A great friend invites me to her wedding reception. I am deeply honored by the invitation and immediately say, “Yes”. She picks my up from the seminar and drives me an hour north to her home instead of my offer to take the train. She arranges for me to stay at her neighbor’s home instead of my planned AirB&B. All of this feels incredibly uncomfortable, but I keep saying, “Yes”. I am dropped off at the neighbors, who treat me like family from the moment we say “hello.” I share in the intimate wedding reception. I return across the field to the neighbors. I start to ascend the stairs to my room, when the husband calls out my name. He is moving a lamp out onto a freshly constructed deck, “I need more light. Come join us Austyn,” he explains untangling its cord. He is a kid in a candy shop about the Birthday present he is giving to his wife. Before I can resist, I am sitting next to him outside. He shifts in his chair, standing up, sitting down, all the while his Birthday bride is story telling and very slowly opening his beautifully wrapped gift. A child on Christmas morning, I can feel how important this is to him. The present: a painting of the place in France where he proposed. Mind you, this is a couple whose child just graduated college. I feel blessed to witness such a thoughtful and loving moment, celebrating what is clearly a decision he is happy he made years ago. The next day, the new Bride with oodles of house guests, drives me again to the train station, instead of my Uber plan. New Jersey. My “Cute As Buttons” entrepreneur, who I met years ago at a children’s clothing tradeshow, kept saying, “If you are ever in New Jersey…” She picks me up at the train station. Even her husband is initially questioning his wife’s sanity about having someone they barely know stay with them. Once in the car, she and I pick up like we never stopped. She takes me to her Tae Kwon Do class. We eat pizza across from The Stone Pony where Springsteen and many others began. My black belt friend shares her new Belmar storefront. We are successful businesswomen now, which was our shared dream years ago. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Our time together cements a life-long friendship. Long Island. My LI hostess offers to drive hours to pick me up in New Jersey to bring me back to her home instead of my offer to take the train. We metaphysically bond, talk about the future of Mediumship and how blessed we are to know many of its leaders. The time we chat in the car sets up a great and holistic weekend filled with Spirited moments, good food and a Harry Potter marathon. Brooklyn: A client who has been asking me to come and meet her tribe hosts me. Her brownstone walk up is meticulous and a visual masterpiece, as her photo editing history and instagram followers (nji) confirm. She makes me Shepherd’s pie, includes me in gal pal gatherings, and with the trust of a child, opens her world to me. We share similar love of food, travel, and an unbridled passion to lead and create. We notice how we feel our lives are truly just beginning. Finally, back to Manhattan and Washington Square for more clients, the reunion, and an impromptu visit with my amazing niece. My college pals and I ease into memories and moments shared that equally inspired and sweetly remain. I am so proud of each of their endeavors: a Tony nominated producer, a Sesame Street cast member and now director, an advocate for Children with terminal illnesses, and a song writer who is on the cusp massive success. We talk of how fortunate we are to know what we love and live our dreams. My last night in NY, I am on the phone with my husband. He asks me if my trip has felt successful. Normally, I would talk about my work, clients, and more about work. I begin to speak and an unexpected and evident lump in my throat inhibits my response. “Are you still there, Hello?” he says. A long beat. “I am. It was successful beyond what I could have ever imagined, because I let go and trusted, I let so much love in and it felt so nice.” Our lives are what we make of them. Try letting go, dance with your resistance, you might just discover you will be just fine, if not substantially better.

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