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Divine Spark Cards

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My Divine Spark Cards© emerged from my Mediumship Classes, however, these cards are used by grief counselors and families to celebrate a loved one in the spirit world. As mediums, it is our responsibility toprovide strong, correct and unique information that validates and affirms our souls are eternal. Whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or working medium, the thirty-five Divine Spark Cards© with evidential topics will help you trust you can ask deeper questions and expand your spirit conversations to new and exciting depths. Here is hoping these cards SPARK your intuition and expand our connections to the Spirit world.

These cards are used by:

~ Mediums during sittings, classes, and in circles.

~ Families can use these cards to remember your loved ones during the holidays or at family reunions.

~ Individuals have used the cards to document the life of a person.

~ Grief therapists also use the cards to work with their clients to honor and remember their loved ones.

Thank you for your interest in AWSM products!

For International Mediums, these cards are available at the Arthur Findlay College in England.

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