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Divine Insight Cards

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The Divine Insight Cards© evolved as a tool for me to help my clients when they felt stuck. They have taught me just how available guidance is when we simply listen to the divine insight available to us. Whether you are a spiritual enthusiast, holistic practitioner, intuitive, or energy healer, these cards provide unique ways to trust all answers lie within our soul.

Each deck has 47 images and 13 color cards with no set meaning. I was amazed how many times my mind would define an image, but my client would see something completely different. That is why these cards do not come with an instruction manual. These are insight cards and best left open to interpretation. You can do a reading for others or your clients can tell you what they see, which helps them listen to their own divine insights. To honor our soul, we should be able to visit each card afresh each time it appears.

May you follow the invisible path to your soul!


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July 22, 2017

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