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Meet Austyn

1-on-1 Sessions with Austyn

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Mediumship Sitting: Mediumship creates an invisible bridge between this world and that of spirit. Step into a soul conversation with your ancestors, loved ones and pets and bath yourself in the unconditional love of the Universe.

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Soul Gardener™


Soul Gardener™ & Soul Search Sessions

My Soul Gardener™ sessions are a mixture of intuition & mediumship. If you are a crossroad or simply need spiritual support, this session is for you.

Soul Search: Explore the eternity of your soul through other lifetimes, as well as journey to the afterlife to meet guides, angels, and ancestors. 

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Soul Gardener™ Coaching

Soul-Centered Spiritual Life Coaching will help you identify and embrace the spiritual opportunities within your life that are inviting you to evolve. Together we will vision your best life and create visible pathways to guide you toward your best life as your most authentic self.

Learn With Austyn


Soul Gardener™ Practitioner Program

I created this mentorship program to empower spiritual entrepreneurs to sculpt and manifest an authentic practice suited to their strengths and passions.

This boutique mentorship will help you:

  • Identify & Define your passions

  • Define your perfect practice

  • Learn new tools and techniques

  • Gain powerful business tools

  • Create an authentic menu of services

  • Learn how to best support where your clients are now

  • and so much more...

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Soul Gardener AWSM Family

Do you wish to cultivate your intuition, heal your heart and connect more deeply with the Divine? The AWSM Family is a supportive and loving community with different paths for you to explore your soul. The intuitive path empowers your ability to know and trust your intuition through tools and techniques and classes. The ancestor path explores ancestors, guides, and angels in spirit connected to you. Whether Austyn is delivering personal messages or you are working through your ancestor patterns, you will gain greater clarity and peace.

Click below to learn more about this special opportunity.

July Mediumship Intensive

July 22, 2017

Join Spiritual Medium Austyn Wells for a day focused upon taking your Mediumship to the next level.  We will work on deepening your trust in the Spirit world through group and individual exercises, as well as meditation.  Get ready for an intensive day of practice, practice, practice.
$ 150

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