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Starts February 10th
at 6pm

Spiritual Guides and Angels

You have invisible guides and angels who chaperone you through moments and seasons of your life. Some walk with you every moment of this earthly existence.

During this six-month class, you will gain greater knowledge and awareness of the angels, archangels, ascended masters, and ancestors who work with you. Through presentations, journaling, meditation, and automatic writing, you will learn to trust these wise and loving friends so your perceptions, decisions, and instincts can be centered within your soul.

Celestial Navigation®

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July Mediumship Intensive

July 22, 2017

Join Spiritual Medium Austyn Wells for a day focused upon taking your Mediumship to the next level.  We will work on deepening your trust in the Spirit world through group and individual exercises, as well as meditation.  Get ready for an intensive day of practice, practice, practice.
$ 150

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