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To Bee or not to Bee

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

A few minutes into my meditation, I am met by a bee. She just flies right in, hoovers in front of my inner eye and stares. Being polite, I stare back. Moments pass. Nothing. “Hello!” I offer. Nothing. Bee poker face. We continue the "don’t blink" contest. More moments. I try again, “Why are you here?” She continues staring, as only an insect with hair on her eyes can do. My mind is racing with questions and curiosities, my heart pulsing, almost as if I am also holding myself in the air. That thought bridges me to my visitor. She is holding one position. She is flapping her wings over 11,000 times her second and is absolutely still. She is stunning. Once I really start taking her in, we are off. And I we are flying!! Fast, to the point where the world is blurred. I am following. She is focused, intent upon her destination.

I have always wanted to fly. I dream about it often. Suddenly, I know where we are going. We are headed to the hive. I imagine what that will be like. I feel like a kid in the back seat of a long car ride asking every five seconds “Are we there yet?”

With this thought, she spins around. Now she is flying backwards AND starring at me. Clearly my mental chatter is a rock concert in her Zen garden. I am grasshopper to a bee. I breathe. Smile. She is good.

With that thought, we arrive at the sweetest of homes. The hive is breathtaking. The combs are like Chagall windows dripping hues of golden light. It is sacred and Holy, and yet buzzing with activity. All action focused upon a common goal. These intention specialists leave no one behind. My heart is filled with the power of efficiency and purpose. There it is, the unity in community.

With that thought, I am back in my world, but a little different. A little wiser. My mind, calm. I relax into the moment. Thank you Honey Bee for the opportunity to drink in your Divine, to witness the beauty of togetherness, to reconnect and just bee.

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